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NameAkira Hirao
Personal websitehttp://www.op.titech.ac.jp/polymer/lab/hirao/subject.html
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CategoryDistinguished Chair Professor
TitleDistinguished Professor
Research expertiseMolecular design and synthesis by living anionic polymerization of functional monomers, precise synthesis of architectural polymers such as block, graft, comb-like, star-branched, and dendrimer-like hyperbranched polymers by means of living polymerization
Educational background
Tokyo Institute of TechnolJapanDoctor of Engineering degreeDoctor ~ 1978
Chiba University JapanGraduate DivisionMaster 1970-03 ~ 1972-04
Chiba University JapanDepartment of Applied Chemistry Faculty of EngineeringBachelor1966-04 ~ 1970-03
Service organization/unitTitleDepartmentDate
Yamagata University ProfessorDepartment of Human Sensing and Functional Sensor Engineering1996 ~ 1998
Tokyo Institute of TechnologyProfessorDepartment of Organic and Polymeric Materials1996 ~
Yamagata University Professor Department of Polymer Chemistry1989 ~
IBM Almaden Research CenterVisiting Scientist  1985 ~ 1986
Yamagata UniversityAssociate Professor Department of Polymer Chemistry1980 ~
University of AlabamaPost Doctoral Research Department of Chemistry 1978 ~ 1979
Yamagata University Assistant professor Department of Polymer Chemistry1972 ~
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